Saturday, July 14, 2012

Erawan Thai - San Jose

Last weekend we felt like having stir fry noodle. Thai style to be exact. So I called in to order a pad see ew with pork and a pad kee mao with prawn.

Both dish used big flat rice noodle which in South East Asia also known as kwetiau. The pad see ew was stir fried with broccoli and dark soy sauce. It had the familiar smoky smell but the noodle wasn't separated enough so some of them bunched up together and when we separated it was still white. The pad see ew was a bit more sweet than savory.

The star of the day was the pad kee mow which was the rice noodle stir fried with sliced of carrot, bell pepper and zucchini. The difference between those two noodle dishes was pad kee mow was done with some sort of chilli paste. If you like spicy stuff try pad kee mao. Tell the waiter how spicy you want it and enjoy it.
Erawan Thai
# 150, 5945 Almaden Expressway  San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 268-3200