Sunday, July 15, 2012

Online Reservation with Hong Kong Airlines

I officialy started planning on my Asia trip this morning. It was started with making a reservation with Singapore Airlines for a flight to Hong Kong. Then in the afternoon I made another reservation with Hong Kong Airlines for an outbound flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.

I have never fly with HK Airlines before. I have started looking at this option ever since we decided we would venture to Vietnam on this trip. And HK Airlines provided the best price so far. When I looked at the reviews it seemed fine to me.

So I went and made the purchase online and got the confirmation. This wasn't the first time I made an online purchase on airline tickets. Besides we flew with Tiger Airways before which was one of the low cost carrier. In the evening as I continued with the rest of the planning I felt the need to refer to my reservation. I went and opened the file that I printed earlier in the afternoon and realized there was no itinerary there. The payment was completed by a third party company and it only provided confirmation that payment went through.

No worry, I'm sure they would send a confirmation email. So I went and checked my email. Nothing. Nada. First thing that went through my mind was of course they couldn't send me an email since they don't have my email. I didn't recall inputting my email info. I went back to the airlines' website and went through the whole process of reservation and noticed (also remembered by then) that I INDEED gave them my email address.

I was a bit panic by then. Hubby said not to worry it's Sunday now they're not working. ??? But really ?? I do hope that the confirmation should have been automatic and not depending on somebody sending out emails manually.

Only then I started to really looking into HK Airlines. The complaints about them changing schedules last minute and passengers either take the changes or risking not getting their money back. What did we get ourselves into ?? But there's not too many options to fly from HK to Hanoi when you have limited budget. Budget travellers' dilemma. *sigh*

Anyhow, this story did have a sort of happy ending. I finally decided to email them (duh !!). Surprisingly the reply came promptly with the confirmation that they did have our reservation and also provided us with the e-ticket numbers. So I could continue with my planning peacefully and keep my fingers crossed that there won't be any future schedule changes.