Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kokyo Sushi Buffet - Hayward

A friend took us to this buffet this weekend. Being a buffet aficionado we wouldn't say no to an offer like that. ha..ha.. So we met up at their house and drove together to Hayward.

When we got there it was just slightly before 6 pm. Quite a lot of people had early dinner to go somewhere else or maybe just to beat the crowd ? We were seated on a patio seating. It was a covered with thick plastic and curtain. Nice trick to block cold breeze and also sunlight. It also gave a cozy feeling.

No time to waste we went and scout the buffet area. The first long table was the salad and veggies. The second one we passed by was hot dishes. I saw gyoza, Alaskan crab legs, egg rolls among others. The next table had a few different types of soup like hot and sour soup, clam chowder, miso soup, etc. Then korean style beef, chow mein, steam rice, eggplant, etc. I was thinking where is the sushi ? Then we made a turn back and on the table against the wall there was again another table for dessert, pudding, fruits, etc. Next to that table was the sushi with the sushi chefs behind refreshing the platter as necessary.

First plate : varieties of sushi
Most of the sushi we noticed were rolls covered with tons of sauces like mayo among other sauces. I picked a few pieces which I was more familiar with. I was surprised to see unagi sushi. It's been a while I had one of those. The spicy tuna didn't look nor taste like the regular spicy tuna roll. I didn't go back for more.

Next round was the hot dishes. More like hubby already filled up his plate with piping hot chicken wings/drummettes. Those were just lovely. Straight from the kitchen. So I stole a few of the chicken wings from his plate. Soft and succulent with a hint of garlic. Hubby said that the wings were not as dried as he would like it. Well, he came to this conclusion after he chowed down around ten pieces of the chicken.
chicken wings, fried calamari, sushi rolls

Alaskan crab legs, salt pepper prawn
I went for another round of crab legs after they did the refill. I noticed the best time to visit any buffet was to go during their peak time. The food turn around would be faster and  the refills would come out fresh. Next to my crab legs were the hot and pepper prawn. 

After all those, finally I decided to close it with some 'healthier' food like fruits. But of course next to the fruit platters were other dessert like egg tart, swiss roll and donuts !!! Yeah..I almost missed those donuts if I didn't see this girl taking the last two pieces. I was thinking to myself, whoah those must be good since the platter was emptied out. As I walked away I saw the staff brought out another platter wonderful looking sugar dusted donut. I couldn't just walked away so I picked one. That was the best donut ever. 

Kokyo Sushi Buffet
1071 B St (Between Main St and Foothill Blvd)   Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 881-8868