Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Happy Kitchen - San Jose

Seafood pho
Passed by this place so many times and today decided to give it a try. The place looked tiny from outside but inside got enough space to put a few tables and could possibly fit 20 people.

We ordered seafood pho and chicken pho. I guess it was probably the wrong choice since pho wasn't their specialty. I had a bad feeling about it when I saw how sad the basil and bean sprout looked when they were brought to our table.

The pho came in a big shallow bowl. The broth looked a lot darker than any seafood/chicken pho we ever tried. It looked more like beef broth than chicken broth. When I tried a sip of the broth it tasted vaguely familiar yet I couldn't put a finger to it.
chicken pho

Both of our pho had the same broth. My chicken in the soup tasted more like pieces of raw chicken cooked in the soup instead of steam chicken meat. Hubby's seafood pho had a few slices of squid, a few tiny pathetic looking tiny shrimps, a few pieces of basa fish fillet and some tired looking imitation crab.

By almost the end of our meal then it all came to me. The broth tasted like broth that came in those packed udon noodle. I don't know whether they were using those but I have a feeling they didn't make the broth from scratch. We shouldn't have ordered pho, I guess. They probably did better making those Chinese dishes.

My Happy Kitchen
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