Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thai Spice (revisited) - Los Gatos

Our weekend project brought us back to Los Gatos last weekend. Looking for lunch we decided to give Thai Spice another try. We did a take out from that restaurant a couple of months ago. But this time we wanted to try their noodle dishes instead.

It was past lunch time when we walked in so there were only a few tables occupied. We got a table at the corner and skimmed through the menu. I chose pad kee mao and hubby chose pad see ew. Both are stir fry wide rice noodle but with different sauce. Pad kee mao has a distinct use of thai basil while pad see ew don't.

chopstick that looked like wand :)
The first thing I noticed when our orders came out was the size. They were gigantic. One plate could feed two people. The pad kee mao was pretty decent. Balance between sweet and savory but it didn't have enough basil. I love the fragrant of basil leaves. Hubby's pad see ew was a bit on the salty side. Both of our noodle platter came with shredded carrot. Those were new approach to pad see ew and pad kee mao we never encountered before.

I guess it's going to be a while before we pay them a visit again.

Thai Spice
337 North Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 354-2785