Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Bang Concert in Indonesia

We were in the mall on our second day in Jakarta, Indonesia when I caught a poster that announce free tickets to Big Bang concert on October 12-13, 2012 for purchase of Samsung Galaxy. I was like ...WHAT ??!! Big Bang is having concert here in Jakarta ?? What's the date ? What's today's date ? Wait, we still have time go to the concert.

So that night we researched more information and decided to purchase tickets the next day. We got tickets for seating on Tribune 1 for October 12. The tickets were not cheaper compare to US. I was surprised to know that the demand was actually overwhelming that the promotor decided to add an extra concert day.

We were told that for our ticket category there won't be any seat number. It would be based on first come first seat. So we went earlier on the H-day. We got there almost three hours earlier but fans were already lining up.

To make story shorter, when we finally got our seats, I wasn't exactly thrilled. I was hoping that we got to wrong section which I went and confirmed. But sadly I was told that we were on the right section for our ticket category. The lay out of the venue was poorly designed. Most of the people on our section couldn't see the stage. Had we never been to another venue in US we would probably settled down with our seats. But I felt cheated that the promotor dared to sell the tickets the same price as the concert in US but with much poorer venue condition.
The view from our original seat. The stage was where the diamond logo projected on the curtain.

The VIP section closer to our seats had lots of empty chairs. That sight tempted us to sneaked over there. I tested going there and nobody asked to see any tickets. We came out with a game plan and proceeded with it when time came. By the time concert started we got our seats at the VIP section. It's not exactly up close and personal with the stage but at least we could see and made out what happened on the stage. Listening to people around us made me felt less guilty because most of them don't belong to that section either.
View from the VIP section when the concert started.

Concert started just a little bit after 8 pm. The music got louder and the curtain came down showing five tubes with different names on it : Seungri, Daesung, Tae Yang, G Dragon and TOP. Then the lights was blinding and the five of them walked out of their tubes. The first song was Tonight. The lights was all out except the lighting on stage and the light sticks danced around among the spectators. Everyone were jumping up and down following the beat of the music. Awesome.

After three songs, GD and TOP disappeared to the back of stage. The rest of them stayed behind to interact with fans. Taeyang seemed to be the most comfortable English speaker among the three of them. He also said a few phrases in Indonesian : Apa kabar (how are you) ; aku cinta padamu (I love you), etc.

Songs flowed smoothly. GD performed with TOP with High High. Each of Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang performed their own single. Before we know it, two hours already passed. We walked out when we thought it was the end of it. Just outside the venue, we heard more screaming and shrieking. Oh well, our ride will come any minute now. We got most of the songs but I felt that I wanted to go to another concert for more. Oh Big Bang.