Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Econ Inn @ Beach Road - Singapore

Due to the change of our itinerary we had to spend a night in Singapore. It wasn't bad at all but it was kinda last minute so we needed to find accomodation for that one night. I liked the hotel we stayed in last time - Mayo Inn. But hubby didn't like it because it was noisy to its location next to Jalan Besar.

Then we found Econ Inn in Bugis which used to operate under different name. We got a deluxe room to guarantee a room with window. From the airport take MRT and get off Bugis station. Take exit C towards Bugis Junction. But instead of going in the mall, take the other exit that will bring you to the street level. Look at the map above. Cross North Bridge Rd towards Liang Seah St. Walk Liang Seah St towards Beach Rd, just before you reach Beach Rd, there's a small road that leads to the parking lot. Turn into that small road, and you'll see the sign for the inn and also a small entrance. So the entrance to the inn is not on Beach Rd but rather on the small street paralel to Beach Rd just behind the inn.

From the entrance take the elevator to 2nd fl. Check in and we were given key and also password to the wifi on our floor. We got a room on the fifth floor. The receptionist had to use his electronic pass to let us go to our floor. Basically, every time we come back we had to stop by to request the receptionist to give us access to our floor. Most of the times they were fast since there were not too many people around.

Our room was tiny. There's a little closet area with hangers and tiny table with mirror next to it. And then next to the table was the shower with rolling glass door that didn't want to stay in place. Hubby ended up using his flipflop to block it. There's a window next to our bed just as promised. The problem was the room was next to the elevator so every now and then we did hear the elevator noise when someone used it.

All in all it was a decent room. Location was excellent - couldn't be better. The whole Liang Seah St was a food street with different type of food. You won't go hungry staying here. That's for sure.

Econ Inn @ Beach Road
85 Beach Rd, Singapore
Ph 65-6416 6966