Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hong Kong Style Breakfast

During one of my visits to Hong Kong years ago I have learned about this type of breakfast. A lot of stuff from my younger years wouldn't have made it to my palette including this HK style breakfast. But I have evolved since and broaden my horizon. This time around I gladly take the offer to try anything the locals eat.

The HK style breakfast is usually served at cha chaan teng (茶餐厅) - literally means tea hall. Most of the cha chaan teng are mom and pop style of shops. Menus were all written in Chinese. Good thing we had our local guide, Mr. Wong to do the ordering for us.

Me and hubby shared a set of macaroni soup with ham, sunny side up egg, pineapple pastry and drinks. The typical drink is milk tea unsweetened. Sugar is provided on the table so one could customize the sweetness. I had my tea hot and hubby had his cold.

The macaroni soup even though looked a bit weird but surprisingly tasted pretty decent. It went well with sunny side up egg but not quite suitable with pineapple pastry. I looked around to see what others had. Apparently the macaroni soup could be served with some sort of minced meat topping. Or the minced meat could also be served with instant noodle.

If you want to try this type of breakfast don't be discouraged by the Chinese menu. Try Cafe De Coral which is a restaurant chain with locations through out Hong Kong. We found one just at the airport where I took a picture of the menu.