Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hui Lau San - Hong Kong

Hui Lau San is a franchise dessert place in Hong Kong. During this trip alone, I saw at least 4-5 stores. They call themselves Hui Lau San Healthy Dessert on their website. Supposedly it started as a herbal tea shop specializing in herbal jellies.

Our local guide took us to one in Causeway Bay. Couldn't quite tell you where exactly in Causeway Bay. But you won't miss it if you run into one. It has a distinctive red color signboard with Chinese character and English name below it.

There were this colorful menu sign just outside. I couldn't read the chinese character but no worries, it also came with English words on it.

We ordered the one with red bean and coconut with mango pieces on top. But I was a bit disappointed since the mango taste wasn't dominant. It was more like a red bean dessert. Our guide picked a mango jelly dessert which turned out better than ours.
red bean with mango
mango jelly

Hui Lau San