Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

Growing up in Indonesia, Mid Autumn Festival was almost unheard off. Having been in US the last few years, the festival was more noticeable here. The Asian groceries would display a wide varieties of moon cake and some area would actually have an event in the park with booths and activities. But nothing can beat Hong Kong. This was the first time I have been in a very 'alive' Mid Autumn Festival. I was talking about like half a million people all in place.

On our second day in Hong Kong, our guide brought us to Victoria Park. We got off Causeway Bay MTR station and we could see families with kids carrying lanterns. All cute lanterns with characters like Thomas the train, Angry Bird, etc. I don't know where they bought those lanterns from even though I felt like buying one myself. As we got closer to Victoria Park, there were more and more people. Young, old, families with kids, tourists like us, everybody. One part of the park featured live entertainment on a stage. But our target was the other end with hundreds of lights and lanterns. We were like moths attracted to lights.
lights decoration

lantern- up close
giant 'lantern'
The lanterns were bright orange which kinda reminded of me Jack O lantern. But these were silk lanterns so the lights illuminated through the fabric. Very pretty. Some people wrote on piece of paper to be attached to the lantern. I think it was like writing their wishes. Passing those lanterns there was another giant 'lantern' that looked like a fiery dome. The color changed on that dome from yellow, orange, green, etc.