Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vietnam Visa

Two years ago when we first applied for our Vietnam visa we had to leave our passports with the travel agent. It took about a week and then we went and collected them. The visa was sticked to the passport. But this year we used a different travel agent so we were surprised when we were told that they didn't need to keep our passports. Really ??
Regular Vietnam visa - sticked to passport page

I was afraid that they charged us $80 for visa on arrival which basically was a piece of paper that we can exchange for visa when we arrive in Vietnam. I personally think this type of visa is a bit risky. We already paid for air tickets and hotel reservation and we didn't want anything to go wrong. But hubby assured me that the lady over at the travel agent showed him a bunch of other visas that looked pretty legit. Hmm..okay.

When the time came and hubby went and collect the visas, they were printed on a pink sheet of paper with our pictures on it and some other information that looked just like the visa we got. The difference was this visa was on a piece of paper. Later on we found out that there was such thing as loose leaf visa. Basically it's good for those people whose passport had only a few pages left. The loose leaf visa won't take up extra page on the passport since it doesn't have to be sticked to the passport.

Even after I found out those info I was still worry especially when we checked in at the airport and the attendant there took forever to verify our visas. She even brought them to her supervisor for extra review. When we asked her why she did that. She admitted that she never saw those type of visas before but added that she was new.

Only after we passed through immigration point in Hanoi I could finally feel relieved. In the future, this would be the visa I would ask for if we ever go back to Vietnam. I felt better not having to leave my passport with the travel agent.

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