Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chuen Cheung Kui 泉章居 - Hong Kong

Outside of restaurant - no English name (Pic from )

We stumbled upon this restaurant while looking at It wasn't easy to find Hakka cuisine in SF Bay Area so having this opportunity we decided to give it a try.

When we got there we were not sure whether it was the right place. There wasn't any English name of that restaurant. Thanks to one of the picture on Openrice that matched the outside of the restaurant convinced us that it was the right one.

The restaurant was pretty big and surprisingly still busy at around 2:30 pm. People just sitting having meals and chit chatting, enjoying their Saturday afternoon. Kinda contrast with everything outside where people rushed through each other and intersection.

We ordered one thing that was like a 'must try' when it comes to Hakka cuisine. It's pork cooked with preserved mustard greens (mei cai gou rou). Then our guide, Mr.Wong, helped choose a soup and a chicken fried rice with tomato.
Must try dish - pork with preserved mustard greens

The pork with preserved mustard greens was pretty good. Not the best. The meaty part was a bit dry and not totally melt in your mouth. The soup was simple with some sort of veggies that I couldn't distinguish. It looked like what my mom would make and it tasted very homely. The third dish was something we looked at closely when it came out. Mr.Wong thought he ordered a fried rice but the fried rice looked like a stir fry chicken with ketchup and rice. We would never forget this one. :)
Homely soup
tomato 'fried rice'

Chuen Cheung Kui
7-8/F, Phrase 1, Causeway Bay Plaza I, 489 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay