Sunday, November 18, 2012

Golden Sea Hotel - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Got a reservation at this hotel through Agoda.We also made a request for airport transport knowing from experience that it saved time and also possibility of being scammed. Even though our plane arrived a bit late our ride was still there when we got out. What a relief.

We were ushered to a sedan waiting in the empty parking lot. The drive from airport to Nha Trang town was  scenic and at times a bit winding. After about twenty minutes drive we finally arrived at the hotel. There was only a girl in ao dai (Vietnamese traditional clothes) working behind the front desk. We told her about our reservation and gave her our passports. She took a key and brought us to our room herself just leaving the front desk area unattended.

VINPEARL across the bay (view from the room)
Our room was a VIP room on ninth floor (highest) with a tiny balcony and rolling door. We could see the ocean and even the word "VINPEARL" all the way across the bay. There were a queen bed, desk/chair set, futon couch and a set of tea table/chairs. We were pleased with the room. The bathroom had a bit unusual arrangement. The bathtub was a quarter round bathtub !
View from our room (a bit overcasted)

I asked the front desk about our passports. She said the hotel would keep them until we check out. I told her we would rather keep the passports ourselves. She reasoned that the police would come every now and then and ask to look at passports. I even offered to give her a copy of our passports. She was still pretty adamant about keeping the passports. After going back and forth a few times she finally agreed to let us keep our passports. We stayed a bit in the room to freshen up and stopped by on our way out to pick up our passports. She had written down all the info on a big ledger book. They did have a section for those people like us who didn't feel comfortable leaving the passport. She must be mad at us since she didn't offer any local map until we asked for it. Oh well.

Golden Sea Hotel Nha Trang (aka Hoang Hai)
27A Hung Vuong Street 
Nha Trang, Vietnam