Saturday, November 10, 2012

Newday Restaurant - Hanoi, Vietnam

This restaurant was recommended to us by staffs at our hotel, Sunshine Suites Hotel. It was just a few doors down from the hotel. When we walked in the few tables there were almost all occupied. We were seated and given the menu. There were quite a few items on the menu that we were familiar with like pho (Vietnamese rice noodle soup) but hey we didn't go all the way to Hanoi to eat pho. So we started with dish which we know was the local specialty like bun cha hanoi (meat patties served on rice noodle with sauce). And then I settled with some braised chicken. For drinks hubby got lime juice and I got passion juice

As we sat there waiting for our food, more people came in. We even shared a table with a jewellery sales person who came from Ho Chi Minh. Both me and hubby were checking out his plate to see what he was eating. He had a plate of rice with a few dishes on it. It's almost like those Chinese take out rice with dishes.
bun cha hanoi

My braised chicken came in a earthware with chunks of chicken and slices of ginger inside. The broth was a bit too gooey for my liking. It was served with rice and tasted very homely like something I would have cooked myself. The bun cha consisted of rice noodle (bun) with meat patties, crab eggroll (nem cua) and greens with dipping sauce on side.
braised chicken

One of the waitress came to our table to check out on us and she even showed hubby how to eat bun cha hanoi the right way. Put a bit of the noodle on your small bowl, put the shredded greens top off with the patties and drizzle the sauce. Mix well and dig in. Yum.

72 Ma May 
Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam