Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tsui Wah Restaurant - Hong Kong

This is one of the chain restaurant in Hong Kong. The one we tried was just outside Temple Street Market.

We got a table on the second floor. It's not really a second floor but more like a loft (if there's a loft in restaurant) since it's not a full second floor. When we were checking out the menu I noticed the ceiling were all covered in mirror. Hm..interesting for a motel..but a restaurant ? ha..ha..

I ordered a spicy noodle with seafood. Hubby got a like a prawn noodle. Their noodle soup came looking pretty in a oversized laddle holder like bowl. You can see in the picture there was a red lump in my noodle soup. For the first few minutes I tried to work that lump in the soup. Until later on I realized why it didn't work because it was a deep fried chubby red chilly. I guess it served as decoration because it didn't really add flavor to the soup. So my noodle soup though looked all red but it wasn't really spicy and it tasted like it was missing something. I guess I was expecting like a sweet sour flavor but only got a bit spicy but not too much of other flavor.
Spicy prawn noodle at Tsui Wah

Hubby's prawn noodle came out way better than expected. I guess at that point, everything would have tasted better than my dish.
Spicy seafood noodle

Stir fry rice stick
This restaurant was a bit pricey in my opinion. I was looking at price per dish around US$4-5. And quality of the food was just okay. Would not go back in the future. The good thing though all menu had both English and Chinese. *sigh* One of the places where we could actually ordered our own meal without help from other people.