Friday, November 2, 2012

潤記 (Yun Kee ?) - Hong Kong

Store front (pic from

This shop was just one of the typical cha chaan teng (tea restaurant) in Hong Kong. No English name and no menu or maybe there was just we couldn't understand. We would not have walked in had I not heard about a noodle place in Northpoint which served worth try wonton noodle soup.

So that morning on our second day in Hong Kong we left our hotel earlier and did a stop at Northpoint to look for it. Took the exit to Java Road and we were on the surface street. Walked to the right for less than 2 minutes and we saw Ibis Northpoint. That's our clue. The short article only mentioned that it was two doors down from Ibis Northpoint. There were only two businesses that matched this description. We picked one and went in. The lady owner only looked at us. We decided to just pick a table ourselves. Then the owner came to take our order. Hubby said wonton noodle to her (just some of few Cantonese phrases he knew).
Store name - in case anyone wants to stop by

Then came the weak tea. I noticed that most people use it to rinse the utensils before using. Hubby drank it with no problem. I just took a sip.

Finally two bowls of wonton noodle came. They looked pretty pale. In US the garnish is usually green onions which gives color. But here they used chopped white/yellow chives.
Simple but fill the spot

We took a sip of the soup. Woah...MSG loaded. Hubby nodded in agreement but said yeah..this is good. The noodle was very thin so it absorbed the flavor. The wonton's skin was thin too with a nice combination of pork and shrimp filling. Pretty decent indeed. Too bad the chilly paste they had was the oily type.

If you stay at Ibis Northpoint this is a place you definitely have to try. But if you are like us who happened to pass by and have no where to go, give it a try anyway.

on Java Road, a few doors down from Ibis Northpoint.