Sunday, December 23, 2012

300 San Jose (bowling alley)

I have passed by this bowling alley numerous times when we go to Oakridge Mall. It is located just behind Oakridge Mall if you're on Blossom Hill Rd. Last week me and a couple of friends decided to go there on a night out. I made a reservation for eight but turned out only six of us could make it.
300 chicken quesadillas

We got there early around six. There were not too many lanes occupied. There was a kids birthday party a couple of lanes down from us. I think the place in total have around sixty lanes.

Once we 'checked-in' at the front desk, they took us to the side desk to fit us with the right size ball and shoes. We brought our stuffs to the lanes pointed and got ready. We were still waiting for a few more guys to show up but decided to order food since we were hungry. But we didn't see anybody that we could flag down. I went back to shoes area and asked the person there. I was told that our waitress would come and introduce him/herself and we should just wait. It's almost ten minutes later before our waitress showed up and we could start ordering.
300 Wings (spicy) but looked a bit overfried

For the first round, we ordered chicken wings, fried calamari and quesadillas. It was about ten minutes later before our waitress came back and told us that they were out of calamari. That wasn't the only hiccups that night. Another friend of us ordered a cobb salad and about fifteen minutes lapsed before she came back and told him that the kitchen couldn't make that. They also couldn't fill our order of fajita because they were out of steak. That really made me shook my head. I mean, out of calamari on a Tuesday night was probably acceptable but steak ? Really ?
300 Sampler

Trio of fries - garlic fries, sweet potato fries and regular fries

Most of the orders took quite a while to come out. Around 20-30 minutes. Except one order that a friend placed that took like 5 minutes. That was weird. Maybe someone cancelled an order ? ha..ha..

Out of all the stuffs we ordered, I like the trio fries and the chicken quesadilla the best. Some of the guys that tried the sampler platter loved the ribs but I was full by then so I didn't try it. Another item that was also pretty decent was the bbq chicken pizza. Though the topping wasn't evenly spread on the pizza.

300 San Jose
5420 Thornwood Dr, San Jose, CA 95123   (408) 578-8500