Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hai San Tuoi Song - Nha Trang, Vietnam

We had a late lunch early dinner sort of on our second day. We picked a restaurant on Hung Vuong Street. The young guy who was at the restaurant was trying to sell us his lobster while we were checking out the menu.

We finally decided to go in and order. We ordered grilled squid salt and chilli, tamarind prawn, fried noodle with seafood. As we sat down we watched the guy earlier busying himself running around outside to start the grill. He also took off a moment later on his motorbike to go get something (our squid, maybe?)

Fried noodle with seafood

Grilled squid salt and chilli

Tamarind prawn
We didn't like food at this restaurant. The tamarind prawn had too much gooey sauce. My mom has a recipe that has similar idea but with less starchy sauce and a bit spicier. So this one was a thumb down. The fried noodle was okay but a bit too wet for our taste. And the noodle they used tasted almost like instant noodle. The last dish that came out was the grilled squid which we thought could save the day. But we again were disappointed. One time we had grilled squid in Krabi, Thailand that was so good that I still thought of it till today. I wanted the grill squid to be a bit more dry but not chewy yet. But this grill squid though looked very pretty on the skewers with cucumbers, peppers, etc but tasted pretty weak. The squid was still wet almost like steamed squid. Not good eats.

When I took down the name of the business I guess I miss the important part - the name. I realized later on as I saw many more 'Hai San Tuoi Song' that the phrase means 'fresh seafood'. ha..ha..