Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shopping On Yesstyle

Picture taken from is an online clothing and accessories retailer based in Hong Kong. I knew about this website for quite a while. Most of the times I went there just to browse to get ideas for what's trendy or for my projects. Last weekend as usual I went to check it out and I noticed a bunch of stuffs on sale. It's sort of change of season sales kinda of thing. I ended up with a few items which I finally received yesterday.

I was a bit worry with this purchase since I had bad experience purchasing some clothing through Ebay before. Luckily most of them came out fine. I said 'most' because the cardigan on the picture had a trim that looked like gray but turned out to be blue and the pink was more pink. But that's minor I guess considering every monitor could display color that is a bit off due to settings.

I realized after I took this picture myself that the pink stripes looked a bit toned down.

Another top - white polka dots on 'green'

pink/white stripes dress
All in all I am happy with the purchase. The quality of the items are similar to items from Forever 21 but it will depends on what brands you buy. They do carry different brands from different countries. I like the varieties of color available even though I may be able to find similar things here in US. The savings from the sales were pretty much offset by the shipping cost. I would probably purchase again if there were more sales or special offer.