Monday, February 18, 2013

Bay Leaf - Sunnyvale

Fish cake served with cucumber pieces and yellow noodle on vinegar based sauce
Last Sunday as I was going about doing my morning activities I was suddenly hit with a strong urge to have siomay bandung and pempek. Both are Indonesian snacks and I looked up the closest Indonesian restaurant around. Bay Leaf in Sunnyvale would be the chosen one that served both of them. Yesss !!

By the time we got there it was past noon. The restaurant was quite busy with three or four tables occupied. Ordering was a breeze since we knew what we wanted. Ha..ha.. I ordered a nasi padang (rice combo with beef curry) for hubby since that's his favorite.

The siomay bandung which was basically fish/chicken cake with potato, tofu and cabbage with chili peanut sauce. The peanut sauce was delicious and fragrant. The fish cake itself wasn't as flavorful and was a bit bland. I have tasted better one in Indonesia.. duh..but hey it's far from home so I can't be picky.
Siomay bandung - steamed fish cake, tofu, cabbage with chilli peanut sauce

The pempek in Indonesia would have different shapes but here they only serve the pempek that was shaped like half moon with hard boiled egg. In Indonesia, we would be able to find just round shaped sized of a ping pong ball, round shaped like a bunch of noodle piled together, etc. The pempek itself was basically made of fish meat mixed well with salt, pepper and a combination of tapioca starch, etc. The sauce was made of vinegar combination with garlic, sugar, salt and dried shrimp.
Nasi padang - rice combo with beef curry, egg chilli sauce, young jackfruit curry, etc

The rice combo was quite a good deal to get your fill of Indonesian style dishes. It's a rice platter with rice as the anchor and surrounded with beef rendang (Indonesian style beef curry), egg balado (hard boiled egg cooked with chilli sauce), fried anchovies, young jackfruit curry (this is the one that filled the spot). I haven't had any young jackfruit curry for sooo long.

Bay Leaf
122 S Sunnyvale Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086  (408) 481-9983