Sunday, February 24, 2013

Okami Spicy California Rolls (Trader Joe's)

One day while running errands during my lunch time, I found myself at Trader Joe's. I knew I had finish my lunch earlier in the day because I was hungry. I swung by the cooked food section. I have always known that Trader Joe's had quite a few ready to eat things on their refrigerated section. For singles who don't want to cook or easy meal during lunch time. There were wraps, salad pack, etc. I picked up a pack of California roll  from Okami. Not just roll, it's spicy California roll.

I went back to office and was excited about trying it out. I opened the pack, there were three other small packets consisted of soy sauce, pickle ginger and wasabi. I picked up one of the roll and stuffed it in my mouth couldn't wait to taste it. soon as I took a bite of it I was disappointed. The rice was so mushy it tasted like rice cake instead. Only then I paid attention to the rest of the roll and noticed that I couldn't even see the rice grain.

Nice packaging. Delicious look. Bland taste. Avoid it.