Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ramen Halu - San Jose

Tan tan ramen with minced meat topping and seaweed sheet on the side
It's been a while since we went to this restaurant.  I could see that the place had been renovated. It's a lot nicer and more decorated inside. There was a big mural that covers the whole ceiling depicting fishes (in a pond?).

Me and a couple of friends went there around 2 pm on Saturday. I got there first and decided to put my name on the wait list clipboard. There was a big group of 12 people in front of me. Good. It would take a while to seat them that way gave me time to wait for my group to arrive. *phew*

As it says in the name, their specialty is ramen - Japanese style noodle soup. They do serve a few appetizers like edamame (soybean in pod), croquet (not too sure if this is Japanese?), etc. Also when you order your ramen it usually comes with a slice of char siu (roasted pork). If you're a protein lover, you could order extra on the side. I liked that they actually offer different sizes for the noodle soup.
Dipping ramen with broth on the side. Take a spoonful and dip into your broth . Enjoy!

I chose tan tan ramen which is served with thick ramen noodle (yellow noodle) on spicy pork broth with minced meat toppings, spinach, wood ear (kikurage) and seaweed. I loved my ramen and the broth. It's more spicy than I expected of a bowl of ramen. Yum..

Some friends in our group ordered dipping ramen which basically dry cooked noodle with broth on the side. The ramen came in a smaller platter with a bowl of broth. And then there was another cup with more liquid. Not too sure what it was, we checked with the waitress. She told us when the broth got too salty, we could dilute it with the other cup of broth. Oh..

Ramen Halu
375 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129   (408) 246-3933