Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kpop Korean Restaurant - Mountain View

sweet and spicy fried chicken
We were in Mountain View one fine Sunday after enjoying a youth theatre perfomance at Mountain View Center for Performing Arts. Walking down Castro with some friends we settled on this Korean restaurant almost at the end of Castro. We were 'lured in' by the $1 beer happy hour sign outside the restaurant. We chose the road side seating since the weather was beautiful that day and waited for the rest of the group to join us.

Each appetizer allow us to order two $1 beer. Kpop fried chicken was our first order while we get to know the menu better. We were all hungry so the first round fried chicken didn't last long. It was plain and tasted more like salt and pepper Chinese style fried stuff. The only difference was the dipping sauce provided was a sweet mustard dip.

When we finally got to the entrees, we decided to share kimchee fried rice, kalbi (grill ribs), soon dobu (tofu stew with beef-mild) and grill pork on sizzling plate. And of course two beers weren't enough so we ordered second round of appetizer which was the sweet spicy fried chicken.
Kpop fried chicken - plain served with sweet mustard dip

None of the dish really stood out. The sweet spicy fried chicken was more sweet than actually spicy. It's not exactly the type of Korean fried chicken I thought it was (nothing like 99 Chicken). The fried chicken here was boneless (more like boneless chicken wings from Wingstop).
Kimchee fried rice - sweet and mild

I never had kimchee fried rice before but this fried rice was very mild. I didn't taste any of the kimchee in it (or if there was any used). The only thing I liked about it was the chicken was diced so small so it went well in harmony with the rice. I hate fried noodle/fried rice that use meat as big as my finger.
Kalbi (grill ribs) - recommended

The banchan (side dishes) were quite varies but not special. Kimchee tasted pretty new and not fermented yet. Bland. The only one I liked was the pickle daikon and it went well with the fried chicken. Yum.. The soy bean sprout, potato, broccoli and mung bean jelly were just par.
Side dishes (banchan) - nothing stood out

I don't think we'll be back there soon since there were other Korean restaurants out there that serve better food.

Kpop Korean
124 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041   (650) 254-1935