Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Manhattan Hub - San Francisco

California cheese steak
For the size of the restaurant, they offer quite an extensive menu. Burgers, sandwiches, cheese steaks, salad, etc. Everything looked delish. After browsing through the wall menu, I decided on California style cheese steak with bacon and avocado. Yum..

Place your order and grab the number given to you. Pick a drink and pay at the cashier. Either wait for your order to go or find a seat. It's that simple. And surprisingly they got my order fast too. They must have tons of people working in the kitchen as well.

My California cheese steak was yummy. The bacon wasn't too overpowering. The cheese wasn't too rich and greasy. All in all a satisfying lunch. I wanted to go back to check out their salad and soup option as well.