Saturday, May 18, 2013

Road Trip : San Jose - Vancouver, Canada (part 1)

San Jose - Medford, Oregon
The trip to Vancouver this time was kinda last minute. But it all worked out better since we decided to drive there instead of flying. Driving gave us more flexibility. We could leave last minute without worrying to get discounted air tickets. Also we were excited to give our Prius a try to see how efficient it is going on a longer distance.

The distance we needed to cover was close to 1000 miles. Ideally we would like to divide the distance equally and reached Vancouver in two days. That way we won't get too tired and would still be able to enjoy the drive. But we couldn't leave in the morning, so we could only drive around six hours before it gets dark. I didn't want to arrive in a foreign place late at night.

We packed everything in the car the night before. I still had to go in the office and got a few things done that day. We didn't leave our house until 1 pm. But the driving out of San Jose was smooth sailing. We didn't come close to any traffic slow down.

The further north we went, the further we got out of populated areas, the less traffic we encountered. We reached Medford, Oregon around 7:30ish that evening. It was not dark yet so we went and looked for Costco to fill up our gas tank. So far our Prius has been amazing - 10 gallons for 400 miles.

One interesting thing that we came across at the gas station was you don't fill up your gas yourself in Oregon. There was an attendant that would do that for you. In fact the guy was almost upset that hubby tried to pump gas himself.

That night we had dinner at Golden Wok which was down the road from our hotel Rodeway Inn.