Monday, May 27, 2013

Road Trip : San Jose - Vancouver (part 2)

bunch of cattle roaming the field
We woke up early the next day. Packed up our belonging and hit the road around 6. The road was quiet and the air was cool and crisp. Cattle roamed around the field doing their business. Everything was green and refreshing, such an opposite of California where everything was dry and golden color.

I drove for three hours without much traffic until around Eugene and we switched seats. Hubby took the wheel again and drove the rest of it. We stopped by at Costco in Tumwater, Washington. We got lunch here and gas at the same time. Our lunch was caesar salad and turkey melt sandwich along with a big dose of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce. The vanilla ice cream helped kept us awake for the rest of the journey.

The traffic as we got closer to Seattle got worse. We were amazed at how the traffic in that area seemed to increase so much since the last time we were there a few years ago. I noticed their car pool lane's hours is 5am - 7 pm. That was way longer than us in California that usually goes from 7am-9am and then 3pm-7pm. With the car pool lane that was pretty much closed to anyone who drives alone that created back up in the other two lanes.
Car poo lane sign

We thought we may need to stop by to fill up our gas tank before we entered Canada but we still had enough so we went straight to the border. We reached the border close to 5 pm.The sign posted said wait time was around 15 minutes. The lines were pretty long but cars moved pretty smoothly. Except when it came to our turn, the officer was busy talking with his coworker. I was pretty annoyed because it didn't seem that it was work related.

We reached hubby's friend's house around 5:30. That night we slept well.