Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tokyo Express Restaurant - San Francisco

We visited this restaurant at lunch time. We were there as a group of six. Most of the tables were occupied since the place was tiny. As we were standing there thinking, the guy behind the counter approached us and reassured us that he'd find us tables to accommodate us. As they prepare the tables for us, we went and ordered at the register. I got a bowl of seafood udon (Japanese rice noodle soup). I felt like having something light and soupy.

I then went and found our table. Our group of six were separated into two tables. My table mates ordered chicken teriyaki and rice and the other ordered salmon teriyaki rice combo. We all got our bowl of  salad. The salad was iceberg lettuce with miso dressing - very light and refreshing. My order came last, a bowl of hot udon with prawns, imitation crab, spinach and fish cake.  It fills the spot. Given opportunities I would go back and try a few more things on their menu.

Tokyo Express Restaurant
660 Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94111   (415) 956-3040