Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finally open : House of Pho - San Jose

Unique spring roll - combination of sweet, savory and crunch. Yum
Not too sure if this location is affiliated to the one on El Camino in Sunnyvale. But this location had the sign up for ages. And at one point me and hubby lost all our hope to ever see this one open. But finally last Friday as we were in Costco Almaden which shares parking lot with them (and all other stores) we saw people outside the premise. Only then I noticed that the restaurant was finally open for business. Yay !!

We went there that weekend. There were people waiting but we were all seated pretty quick. We ordered grilled pork springroll, chicken pho and seafood pho. The service was prompt and efficient. I didn't expect that at a newly established restaurant. I do think they are not new in this business. All the employees were very efficient. No confusion or mistaken or missing order. Thumbs up for that.

Quality wise we were not completely satisfied. The springroll was the highlight of our meal. It was unique in flavor and freshly made. It has the chewiness of the rice wrap and also crunchiness of fried wonton skin (?) wrapped in the roll. We would be back for more of those.

I think it's not fair to say that the quality was mediocre based on chicken pho and seafood pho alone. Those were not very common dishes people order from a pho restaurant. Some restaurants do them better than others. We would go back and try other dishes just to give a better rating of this place. So far we like them because it is close to our house. That's always a plus, right ?

House of Pho
5353 Almaden Expressway, Suite 50
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 266-6683