Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stupid Accident and Stupid Insurance

well, it's not exactly like this..
I am expecting a UPS delivery that requires signature. I missed the first attempt because even though it said on the website "delivery at end of day" - they showed up at 1:30pm ! I don't know whose end of day they refer to. Maybe the driver ?

So the following day  I stayed home until 12:30 and hubby said he'd try to be home to cover the rest of the day so we won't miss the UPS guy again. But then he called me before I left and said his car was hit at his workplace parking lot while backing out. What ??  He said it was pretty bad but the other driver admitted fault and said she wanted settlement without involving insurance.

That afternoon and the day after hubby went and looked for a few quotes before he called the other driver back. When he called the other driver back, the story changed. The other driver suggested to go through the insurance instead and asked for hubby's insurance information.

Long story short. Even though the other driver admitted fault and to give her credit she stuck to her story, her insurance managed to put my hubby at fault. In the end her insurance put 10% fault on her and 90% fault on hubby. And our insurance pretty much agreed to it.

Apparently on most cases of accident involving car backing out, the driver of the backing out car is always at fault. The argument was the driver has to make sure that it is safe for him to back out. That makes sense but he was already partially out of his spot when his car was hit. But neither of the insurance wanted to hear that part.

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