Monday, October 21, 2013

LOL Chicken - San Jose

Our platter of chicken - spicy soy garlic, original flavor and LOL flavor
Finally we had a chance to check this place out. It was opened maybe about 2 months ago. We passed by one day and saw the sign up and thought to ourselves, Korean Fried Chicken ?? yay !!

We got there late around 2 pm and we didn't know that they close at 2:30 and reopen at 4:00. Yeah..I don't know why because during the time we were there were lost opportunities of 2 parties. I don't know too many businesses that run on those hours so I thought it was weird.

Anyhow even though we came in last minute, they were nice to us. We only felt bad when we were brought bill and we were the last one in the restaurant. By then I was pretty much done and just asked for boxes to bag our left over.

Okay. The menu was pretty simple. They offered package of 6 pieces, 12 pieces or 18 pieces of chicken. Starting price was $7.95. If you choose 6 pieces pack, you were allowed to choose only 1 flavor. There were 5 flavors to choose from : original, soy garlic, LOL, spicy soy garlic and honey lemon.

So we picked the 18 pieces and we chose original, LOL and spicy soy garlic flavor. The 18 pieces offer came with 3 order of rice but we opted for 2 only.  We ordered a side of sweet potato fries.
Sweet potato fries

Beside the chicken package, they also offer combo of chicken, small plates and drink. Choose a combo, pick your small plates and enjoy. Quite simple. Sorry I didn't remember what were in the categories of small plates.

Let's get back to the chicken. They came in a big platter and the waitress explained to us which flavor was which. The spicy soy garlic was easier to recognize due to the reddish sauce. The chicken came with a small container of pickled daikon and macaroni salad. Also came with the chicken was a bowl of coleslaw. The interesting part was the deep fried tteokbokki (korean rice cake) that came together which each flavor of the chicken.
Wonton skin snack with sweet chilli sauce - courtesy of the house

I liked the spicy soy garlic and the LOL flavor. The original was good but a bit dry with no sauce. The chicken in general were pretty salty and tasted better with rice. The LOL flavor though had a hint of heat but wasn't as spicy as 99 chicken. And the spicy soy garlic wasn't even spicy to us. The sweet potato fries came in a tall wire cup lined with paper with a container of sweet chilli sauce that didn't quite go with it. The sweet potato fries were nice and crispy but I think it needs a bit sprinkle of salt to balance the sweetness. But that's okay, it went well with the chicken.

For the price, we got a lot of chicken compared to like Wingstop. In the end we took back at least 2/3 of what we ordered. I think for 2 we only need to order the 12 pieces package. That's for next time.

LOL Chicken
1041 E Capitol Expy Ste 30 (Lion Market Plaza)
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 225-2320