Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Padang Restaurant Experience

This is how your table would look like at a Padang restaurant
I asked hubby what is the food that he thinks is a 'must try' for anyone visiting Indonesia. His answer was nasi Padang (Padang style rice).

If you like dishes rich in spices you should try nasi Padang. And even if you don't like spices, you could still try their fried chicken which is different from your typical KFC chicken. If you're in Jakarta, stop by any Padang restaurant which usually says "masakan Minang" (means Minang cuisine).
The closest dish is quail egg with potato, the one to the right is potato with gizzard, middle back is chilli shrimp

When you are in the restaurant, don't worry about what to order. As soon as you seated yourself, a few waiters will bring you all the dishes they have. Those dishes come in a small plates, each plate will usually contain two pieces eg. fried chicken, beef rendang (beef cooked in coconut milk and spices). Pick whatever you want and when you finish your meal, your waiter will come and count the total for you. Unique, huh ?
Closest dish is potato gizzard, back : fried cow lungs, right back : chilli shrimps

Young jackfruit curry next to the fried chicken

You could have an economy meal if you just pick a piece of fried chicken and then go with the all different curry sauce. The curry sauce are free ! That economy meal will only set you back around IDR15000 (last time I checked it was only around $1.50 after conversion).

Rumah Makan Sinar Minang
Jl. Gedong Panjang No. 28B
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
6221 6600 003