Sunday, October 20, 2013

Watami - Woodland, Singapore

Beef Yakiniku - rich broth
This time in Singapore we were invited to lunch at a Japanese restaurant at Causeway Point Mall in the neighborhood of Woodland. Walking in the restaurant there were not too many tables occupied so I had a suspicion that the restaurant wasn't exactly just a Japanese fast food restaurant.

When we sat down, we were given a huge menu with so many pictures, prices and options. I let the host decided how we are going to order. I assumed she is more familiar with the whole ordering process. We all looked at the menu and finally my friend Rita called up the waitress and asked about the set menu.

Now I understood a bit more. If you choose from the set menu, pick the menu for 2 or for 4. One could pick either one and add on to it. So Rita picked the menu for 4 which came with certain dishes and certain options that we could choose from.

Here is what we enjoyed that day. We started with the pizza - thin crust with slices of pork on top. Nothing too special. Then continued with this big platter of salad with big chunk of dressing on top. We mixed it well and distributed to everyone. The salad was good - sweet, tangy and refreshing. The dressing was like a mix of mayo and sesame dressing. The yakitori came next. Six skewers of chicken, chicken with bacon, shitake mushroom. These were yuuummy.
Watami salad with shrimps and slices of grilled pork

Then they brought out a huge hot pot on a stove. A different waitress poured some broth on it and lit up the stove. It was the yakiniku with marbled beef, tofu, enoki mushroom, greens and ended with udon noodles. This was also the highlight of the meals. Rich soup and the udon filled the tummy if we haven't already filled up.
Chirashi - sashimi on a bowl of rice

Beside those dishes, we also enjoyed a pancake, chirashi (sashimi on top of rice), sashimi (raw fish) and tempura (deep fried prawns, zucchini on batter). It was a whole lot of food. Somehow I felt that the set menu for 4 could easily fed 6 and still would be filling.
Japanese pancake - tonpeiyaki
Yakitori - meat skewers (chicken, chicken and bacon, shitake mushroom, etc)

1 Woodlands Square #05-09 Causeway Point 
Singapore 738099
(65) 6893 0855