Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Ending with Airbnb

Our cute room with the huge bay window
Our experience with Airbnb did have a happy ending. Our host totally changed it around. They were responsive, friendly and accomodating. Their place was very close to the Tanah Merah MRT station which was perfect for our visit this time. They provided clear instruction on how to get to their place. We had a bit communication problem (which I totally blamed it on T-Mobile) but we managed to get there with no huge problem. And as soon as we settled in, they totally left us alone to give us privacy.

Their apartment was a cute, bright, well decorated apartment. There was a balcony overlooking green belt around the apartment complex. Our room was small but enlarged by a huge bay window with view of trees surrounding the apartment complex. Our host offered to keep our suitcases in the storage but we didn't really have lots of luggage anyway. I like the bay window. There was a day when it was raining outside and I just wanted to sit by the window and looked out to the rain drops. But hey it's not like we had that much time to sit around admiring rain drops. ha..ha..

We had our private bath room - just for us - and it's just outside our bedroom. The bathroom had a standing shower. Both the bed room and the bath room were very clean and well kept. Just what we were looking for. A clean place to rest.

We glad that we gave Airbnb a try. It gives option to a traditional hotel but it's not exactly bed and breakfast. At least not ours.