Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year's Thanksgiving we were in mixed emotions. Part of us wanted to be thankful that we're healthy but at the same time the news that we received more than a week ago regarding one of our family member burdened our hearts.

We celebrated our Thanksgiving twice this year (just to show how thankful we are ! :) ) We did it on Thursday with hubby's side of family. We didn't do turkey. I personally don't enjoy turkey that much so I wasn't at all disappointed. We had hot pot instead with different types of veggies, tofu, mushroom, chicken and seafood.

I didn't have pictures from that dinner unfortunately.

And then we had another dinner the past Saturday with our close friends. Again, no turkey. This time we had pork roast. Yay.. I helped the host prepared part of the meal so I was impressed that what seemed like a simple recipe came out tasty. The pork roast was seasoned with dry spices consisted of ground ginger, cinnamon and allspice then roasted on top of cut butternut squash, pepper and onion. That's it.

pork roast on top of onion, butternut squash and bell pepper
Close up look at butternut squash and the gang after they were scooped out from the roasting pan

We made this blueberry buttermilk bundt cake. Find the recipe here

This is what the dinner table looked like. So festive, eh ?