Sunday, April 20, 2014

Korean Economy Meal - Santa Clara

I accidentally visited this tiny food court inside the Kyopo Plaza on Homestead/Lawrence Expressway one hot afternoon. I just came out from a visit to the Kaiser facility on Lawrence Expressway and thought where should I go pick up a quick lunch that didn't cost too much on my pocket and didn't take too long.

There was a bakery inside the Kyopo Plaza and there was a few other stalls. The one I went to was the one next to the bakery. They had prepacked tray of food. They all looked yummy. I quickly pick a tray and then went to pay. Only then I thought OMG...I hope I have enough cash in my wallet to pay for this. I don't think they take credit card. But to my surprise it only cost less than $7. Quite a decent amount of food. And they tasted yummy too.

The rice roll (kimbab) had enough pickle in it to make it crunchy instead of abundant rice. The shrimp/veggie patties were tasty. The japchae (stir fry clear noodle) was good though a bit oily. All in all a decent lunch. I would love to go back and explore other options available.

Kyopo Plaza
3521 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95021
(408) 243 9005