Saturday, July 26, 2014

Merit Vegetarian Restaurant - Sunnyvale

We were taking a friend and her family out to dinner. Since she and her family are vegetarian we found this place on Yelp. On a Saturday early evening the place was surprisingly pretty busy. When we arrived close to 6 pm, there were a few tables occupied. I didn't think the place was going to be pretty busy because of their location on Lawrence Expressway. I guess there were quite a lot of vegetarians out there.

Their menu was pretty decent. We picked an order of imperial roll and fried dumpling for appetizers. And for the entree we chose lotus salad, vegetable combo soup, spicy Thai fried rice, eggplant and tofu claypot and spicy green bean. There were 4 adults and 1 kid. So I think that amount of food should be pretty good.

The kitchen was pretty efficient. They could whipped out orders in like 10 minutes ! I am not kidding. Me and hubby got there first. While waiting I thought let's order some appetizers. Our friend already said that they were close by. They got us our appetizers in less than 10 minutes. Even our friend still hasn't showed up yet.

The food were all good. Hubby loved the imperial roll. He said he couldn't tell if it was vegetarian roll. The dumpling was not bad with the tofu filling in it. I didn't bother with the sauce for both of the appetizers because by itself was already tasty and salty enough.

The lotus salad was very refreshing. It consisted of shredded cabbage and lotus with some rice crackers on the side. The soup was nice and piping hot. It was served on one of those little hot pot thing with burner underneath it to keep it hot. The vegetable combo soup consisted of broccoli, snow peas and carrot.

The surprise of the evening was the spicy Thai fried rice. I thought it was going to be spicy and sweet. But nope. It was SPICY. It's been a while I had fried rice so spicy outside Thailand. It was good but I doubt our guests appreciate it though they did suggest to order that dish. I suspected the cook messed up and put too much chilli pepper on it. I asked for the menu again and chose another fried rice - special gourmet fried rice. And the kitchen staff was able to deliver it to us pronto. Our little guest - our friend's daughter enjoyed the fried rice so much. She asked for second and third serving.

I was a bit worry that the spicy green bean would turn out spicy like the fried rice. But it wasn't very spicy and was really delicious. I have always enjoy spicy green bean. And as usual, the green beans are crispy and tender. The stir fry sauce had a bit nutty flavor to it and I suspected some Szechuan peppercorn as well.

Total bill plus tips was $89. We even ordered strawberry cheese cake and vegan ice cream. All in all we enjoyed the food much and will not hesitate to go back in the future.

Merit Vegetarian Restaurant
548 Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 245-8988