Friday, July 25, 2014

Veggie Grill - San Jose

Veggie Grill - Buffalo Bomber
Ever since the visit to the vegetarian restaurant, Merit. Hubby’s has been looking forward to try another vegetarian restaurant. So he finally found one, Veggie Grill in Santana Row. So off we go on a weekday night.

The place wasn’t too busy because it’s sort of early for dinner. Though the Counter next door was busy. We studied the menu and hubby gave a few suggestions based on the reviews that he had read. I’m all for what other people thinks. So I went with what’s good. Don’t try to be adventurous and should stick with what the restaurant is good at.

We ordered Sweetheart fries, All Hail Kale and Buffalo Bomber. For drinks I got ginger ale in a bottle and hubby got fountain drink. We got a number and went for a table outside. The temperature wasn’t exactly warm anymore. Good thing I brought my cardigan.
Ginger ale - nice and spicy

Our order took only like ten minutes to arrive. The sweet heart fries is actually deep fried sweet potato fries served with some sort of mayo dipping sauce. It’s sort of like mayo but not as rich. TheAll Hail Kale is just as it sounds. Kale salad with a bit sweet red cabbage slaw, salsa, a bit quinoa and toasted pecan. The dressing looked and tasted a bit like mayo but sweet. I didn’t care much for the dressing since the kale already came with some sort of dressing – oily and sweet. Hubby’s Buffalo Bomber was the champion. The buffalo wing sauce tasted just right and not too vinegary. It probably would have been better if it had been real chicken. Ha.ha..

All Hail Kale

Sweetheart Fries
One thing that I enjoyed that night was actually the ginger ale. It was really gingery and for once I believed it was made of ginger. It would have been better if it was less sweet. But still, it was the best after the Buffalo Bomber.

Veggie Grill - Santana Row
3055 Olin Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 296-6473