Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mei Wah - Veldhoven, Netherlands

Babi panggang - a must try

As Indonesians, we learned through history that some of our culture and language was influenced by Dutch. So when we were in Eindhoven, I wasn't quite surprise to learn that the Chinese food there was influenced by Indonesian. The Chinese food was more like Indonesian style Chinese food. Even some of the items in the menu were in Indonesians. Babi panggang for example. It literally means roasted pork. Though on the menu was elaborate as fried pork with sweet chili sauce.

The restaurant that we went to was Mei Wah. Located on a strip mall just around the corner of the location of our business trip on Provincialeweg. In fact the walk there was pretty nice. We passed a windmill.

We were told before hand that the restaurant was quite pricey. So I wasn't surprised to see white table cloth. The menu was quite extensive so we were a bit overwhelmed. It was fortunate that our waiter - a Chinese man from Hongkong was very friendly and recommended us a few items. Truthfully I didn't remember some of the items we had. I only remember how good the babi panggang was which was according to them fried pork in sweet chili sauce. Though it wasn't spicy at all. Another item was Singapore fried rice noodle.
I think this was ajam ketjap - which means chicken with soy sauce

I don't quite remember what this dish was

Mixed veggies with tofu on hot pot

Mei Wah
Burgemeester van Hoofflaan 83-89, 5503 BK Veldhoven, Netherlands
+31 40 253 4732