Saturday, August 23, 2014

Moh Kitchen - Milpitas

Ohn no kauk swe - Burmese coconut noodle soup with chicken
All of a sudden had an urge to eat some Burmese food. So I did a search to find one in our area. Found this restaurant on Yelp with promising pictures. So there we went this weekend. The place was small inside with simple tables and chairs. We got a table next to the window. It's a big window overlooking the pa rking lot. We looked at the menu and knew what we wanted. We ordered mohinga, ohn no kauk swe and see kyat kauk swe.

We got our ice water and "strawberry milk" drink. I don't quite remember what was the official name for the pink milk drink but it did taste like strawberry flavored milk. Not bad.

Don't quite remember the name of this milk drink - strawberry milk

Our food took quite a while to come out. Maybe around 15 minutes. So mean while we were just looking out the parking lot and making comments at people passing by. There were another two tables occupied at that time. And when we walked in, the guy that seated us was cleaning up another two tables. I guess business was not bad.
Mohinga - the Burmese national dish (rice noodle with fish soup)

Finally our food came out. Mohinga which was rice noodle with fish broth served with sliced hard boiled eggs and a bit cilantro. This is the third time I had similar dish. Well, the second time one didn't count since I made it myself. But the restaurant's version was plain compared to the one I had the first time. This one could use a bit more chilli sauce and lime to kick it up a notch. But the fritter in it was a really nice addition to the dish. I didn't have that when I first tried this dish. And though it supposed to have fish, this one didn't really taste much of fish. So don't get discouraged to try it.
Garlic noodle with bbq pork

The ohn no kauk swe was served with yellow noodle. This one too I felt could be a bit spicier. I guess because I was expecting something stronger flavor. This dish too was smaller than normal size bowl of noodle soup (pho for example). There was not too much protein in here just a few small piece of chicken. If you are meat eater, better opt for the garlic noodle with bbq pork (see kyat kauk swe). That was our third order and biggest one in portion compared to the other two. This last dish got the highest compliment from hubby. The noodle was garlicky though a bit greasier. And the fried shallot sprinkle went well all together with the bbq pork and the noodle. Though a few times me and hubby stirred up the noodle and expected to find some choy sum (green veggies similar to bok choy) but there was no veggies to be found.

All in all was a good meal. We may not be back pretty soon since there is another Burmese restaurant that we look forward to check out.

Moh Kitchen
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 262-3333