Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pho 909 - Milpitas

Grill pork roll - make sure to check this out
We were in the Milpitas area and was looking for dinner. My eyes caught the sign for Pho 909 just in the same area as the Ocean Pacific supermarket. So there we went. At around 8, there were a few tables occupied. Nobody even acknowledged us, so we took initiative and seated ourselves.

Their menu was quite extensive. They also served dishes from central of Vietnam like Bun Bo Hue and Banh Beo (little steam rice cake served on bowl with dried shrimp topping). But we opted for something simple and hearty. I chose the chicken pho (pho ga) and hubby chose seafood pho - the spicy one. Apparently they have options of spicy or non spicy.

chicken pho - good amount of chicken but bland broth

seafood pho - regular seafood pho with a kick of tom yum flavor

Hubby's spicy seafood pho was basically a regular seafood pho with tom yum flavor. The seafood pho had shrimp, squid and bay scallop. My chicken pho has chunk of chicken leg meat. The meat was not dry and I was happy about it. But the broth was so light and had no chicken flavor.

The winner that night was the grill pork roll. It has a slice of grill pork sausage that was visible through the wrapping. The rice sheet was moist and soft and there was a crunch in it from some sort of straw shape like crackers.

Pho 909
72 S Park Victoria Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035
408 946 1937