Sunday, September 7, 2014

Amazon Locker

Recently I purchase a couple of books through Amazon and when checking out there was an option to pick it up from an Amazon Locker. What the heck is that ? Well, only one way to find out which is to try it myself.

Apparently this locker option has been around for quite a while. I guess I haven't bought anything from Amazon that's why I wasn't aware of that. So instead of sending it to your delivery address, the package will be sent to a locker location of your choice. You would receive an email containing password to open the locker. It's that simple.

The locker option is an excellent choice for ones who live in apartment complex that normally has small mail box. If you live in an apartment complex before, you will know that a package sent to the front office sometimes would take days before you could find someone there to hand it to you. It's also a better choice than to let the delivery person leaving your package on the porch.

Browsing through the list of the lockers, most if not all of them are located inside a 7-11 store. It must be some sort of collaboration between those two companies. So was the one I went to pick up. It looked like regular lockers but with different sizes compartments. There was a monitor in the middle which gave instruction on how to proceed. Punch in your code and one of the compartments would open up, Collect your package and close the compartment door. Off you go.

I liked this locker service and will use it again in the future.