Monday, September 29, 2014

Pedro's - Santa Clara

This restaurant is one of the businesses that benefited from the new Levi's Stadium. I said that because when we went there last weekend, there was a guy that stood just at the entrance to the parking lot. He wanted to make sure that we were there for the restaurant and not to use the lot as stadium parking. Some other lots in the area rented out parking space for $25 a piece. So judging the location, people could stop by for a bite before the games.

Anyway. We were there just for the food and companies of a big group of friends. We made reservation ahead of time so our table was already waiting for us. And arriving at 10:45 gave us an advantage because the restaurant wasn't very busy yet.

We got a table inside and the decor made me feel like dining at someone's home. It's cozy. The buffet tables area was (I think) under a huge skylight that gave the feel of outdoor brightness. I was a bit surprised to see the selection given. I started my first round with chicken mole, and another chicken dish which I didn't remember the name. I also topped it with Spanish rice and some steamed veggies. There were 2 other types of enchiladas which hasn't been refilled yet.
Live music - moving mariachi

On the other side of the buffet area was one that served freshly made long shaped of waffle with a deep area for stuffing. Very cute idea. Next to the waffle table was the omelette table. So pick the filling you want from among the options like bell pepper, onion, mushroom, bacon bits, artichoke, etc. Hand your filling to the friendly guy behind the table who would transform those items into omelette or scramble egg depending your command.

Their selection of desserts was quite impressive. I didn't try any because I was on my no-wheat diet. I only tried the flan. Never had one before but this tiny flan was pretty good. Very sweet though.
Half empty dessert table

The price for the brunch was $26 with free flow mimosa. I don't think it was a good value. I can't say much for the authenticity of the dishes because some of the dishes I have never tried before. Though the menudo they served was pretty good. I don't think we'll be back.
Tiny flan. Sticky and sweet

3935 Freedom Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 496-6777