Monday, September 1, 2014

Tapioca Express - Fremont

left : calamari (spicy) - right : sweet potato fries (salt)
Passed by a Tapioca Express and felt like having some deep fried snacks. I haven't been in any Tapioca Express lately so wouldn't sure if they'd have any snacks other than the drinks. This location actually offered a variety of snacks and meal options. I was surprised to see fried banana in the menu. But was told that they didn't have the batter for it. Darn it.

I ordered a pearl milk tea with sweet potato fries - salty version. I liked that they have option of either salt or sugar for the sweet potato fries. I think sweet potato fries tasted best with a bit sprinkle of salt. After I placed the order, I thought better of it and placed another order of calamari. Might as well.

Our orders were done a lot faster than expected. Ten minutes most. The sweet potato fries was good. Cooked completely through with enough saltiness to balance out the sweetness of the sweet potato. The calamari though had a good amount dust of red pepper powder to make it spicy but lack of flavor. It's almost like they forgot to season it with salt. We didn't finish the calamari.

Tapioca Express
Pacific Commons Shopping Center
43421 Christy St
Fremont, CA 94538