Monday, September 1, 2014

Wingbox - San Jose

Our tray of awesomeness - waiting for us to check them out
We were invited for dinner at our friend's house last weekend. The menu was wings from Wing Box in San Jose. That friend had told us before about this chicken wings place that opened near her house. I have been meaning to try it out so she just provided us the opportunity.

Beside the chicken wings, we also tried the sweet potato fries which was okay only. I have tried better sweet potato fries. The chicken wings came with 4 different sauces which was colorful (see that in the picture).

The green color sauce was honey wasabi; the red color - curry ketchup; the yellow color - dynamite sauce: the orange color - creamy sriracha. I didn't care much for the sauce because the wings were very flavorful already. Though the sauce could be used as dipping sauce for the sweet potatoes fries which was just plain fries.
From right bottom clockwise : Singaporean street, Thai basil chili, Vietnamese fish sauce and spicy garlic

We tried four different flavor of wings which was spicy garlic, Thai basil chili, Vietnamese fish sauce and Singaporean street wings. Most of them were pretty similar with sticky sweet glazed on the wings/drumettes. Except for the spicy garlic which wasn't sweet and was mostly spicy with a bit of vinegary taste. I couldn't quite decide which flavor I liked best. They were all good. I couldn't say finger licking good because that phrase was taken already. But it's that good. I guess if I am to try it again I'd go with the rest of the flavor that I didn't get to try the first time. And looking at their website they do have a few more interesting flavors.

1715 LUNDY AVE. #162,   SAN JOSE, CA   95131
1-855-WINGBOX (9464-269)