Wednesday, December 17, 2014

La Fondue - Saratoga

Items for the chocolate fondue (dessert) yum,,yum
Our holiday dinner this year was at La Fondue. I was excited about the idea though I have tried fondue before and didn't really think it was that spectacular. I was curious about the idea of having fondue as main course since it looked more like dessert to me.

Anyhow, so the day finally arrived. We got there earlier than our reservation time and they were able to sit us. The only bright area of the restaurant was the waiting area and as we walked further inside the restaurant I noticed the lights in the dining area was minimal. We were seated at the back of the restaurant. We got a corner booth that fit our party of 8 people. The ceiling was decorated with some antique looking chandelier. There was a big painting on the wall next to our booth with a huge metal crown decor placed between our booth and the one next to us. On the other corner there was a space that looked like a shrine with some statues that looked like Virgin Mary. Interesting.

Chef salad with chef rolls on top

Our server came to introduce himself. He also explained how the menu works. Even after the explanation it was still intimidating. There were a few options depending how much you want to spend. They offered package with different options. Either you choose the package with the meat choices or pick a package where you could pick and choose your meat.  Or if you feel adventurous, pick the package that gives you option to try everything.
Items for grilling - fillet mignon,scallop, tiger shrimp, pork korabuta, chicken japonaise and veggies

We started with our chef salad. It was a huge portion consisted mostly of romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, mushroom, shredded mozzarella and some sort of roll which tasted like cheese and some sort of ham. Once we're done, our server came back and cleared out our salad plates and set up the cheese fondue for us. He mixed the fondue ingredients on our table. Pretty cool.
Sauces for dipping : sweet bbq sauce, tangy curry chutney, ranch dressing, soy sauce wasabi, etc

The cheese fondue dipping items were bread, pickle cucumber, broccoli, roasted potatoes, roasted garlic, My side of the table got the cajun fondue and the other side of table got the stinking rose. As much as I love garlic, I actually enjoyed the cajun fondue better.
Our grill scene

Once we were done with the fondue, the table was cleared again. Then the meat and sauces were brought out. Our server explained each of the sauces and gave us a short course and how long each of the meat should be cooked. We chose the fondue feast option and the meat we chose were filet mignon, black tiger shrimp, sea scallops, Japanese korabuta and chicken japonaise. They were all good.

By the time we were done with the grilled meat, I was pretty much done, But wait, there's still the chocolate fondue as dessert. Our side of table selected Danger Mix and Butter Baby. With Danger Mix you could select from either dark, milk or white chocolate with English toffee bits. While Butter Baby is just white chocolate, butterscotch, pecan and flambe.

The items for chocolate fondue were pound cake, cookie dough, strawberry, and marshmallow. I personally liked strawberries the best. The tanginess of strawberries balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate.

All in all our group enjoyed the dinner. I would say it's not a good value but it's worth the experience. It's a restaurant that you go for a special occasion only.

La Fondue
14550 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070