Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rangoli - San Jose

I have worked in that area for quite a while sometimes in the past. Recently I met up with a friend there and finally got to try this Indian restaurant. The restaurant didn't offer buffet that day. But I got my Indian friend to do the ordering so I wasn't intimidated.

My friend decided on a lamb curry (lamb vindaloo) and a goan fish curry. Both sounded fine to me. I haven't had any fish curry for quite a while so it was exciting.

We sat around and chitchatting. She told me that the lamb dish was a complicated one that she didn't do it often at home because it requires a lot of spices. Good, it's a special dish. Anticipation building up now.

I noticed that the wait time was pretty long. I think it's almost 20-25 minutes by the time we got our dishes. She ordered a garlic naan that smelled oh so wonderful. I was just satisfied with my white basmati rice. Being gluten free wasn't really fun.

I tried the fish curry that had yellow color on. The taste was pretty mild. Not too spicy and not much fragrant of any particular spice. The lamb curry had a darker color and a more pungent spice which I couldn't placed. The lamb curry looked almost like the Indonesian beef rendang which was a slow cooked beef curry dish. But this Indian lamb curry had a milder taste but pleasantly spicy.

All in all it was a good company and good dishes. Compare to the value of buffet style, the ala carte style didn't have as good value.

3695 Union Ave
San Jose, CA 95124
408 377 2222