Saturday, December 6, 2014

Westin St Francis - San Francisco

Christmas tree in lobby area
Last week my office had an event at Westin St Francis hotel in San Francisco. I was excited to see the place. It's a historic five star hotel in the Union Square area of San Francisco. This hotel has been famous as the location for the annual reporting of Chinese New Year parade that usual starts in China Town area and finished in Union Square.

The venue for our office was on top of the back tower - I wasn't sure if there was any name or what floor was it because I went up with a bunch of other employees and I didn't remember anyone actually pressed the floor but we got there nonetheless.

The elevator we were in was the glass elevator that enable the users to enjoy the view outside if you're not afraid of the height. I sort of enjoyed it up to a certain point and then decided not to look out anymore. The elevator opened and we were ushered into like a big foyer with reception table and drinks waiting. There was another double door leading to another room which wasn't too big but enough to hold 6 tables with 8 people each.
Bacon, sausage and roasted potatoes

We were served brunch buffet style. There was an omelette station and then a row of heated serving trays with scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, breakfast sausage, pancakes, cereals, yogurt, different types of pastries. Against the window was another table with different very cute looking desserts like mini tarts and macaroons. The whole sitting area including the food setting area had an awkward shape that makes me wonder whether there was any partition that could be removed. But it was an old hotel so maybe that's just the way it is. The whole area was very bright due to all the windows with spectacular views to the bay and to Union Square below.
Mini custard (?) glass

Mini fruit tarts with different toppings

Food was not bad and just simple breakfast in a more upscale setting. I noticed that instead of big bottle ketchup for the omelette/scramble eggs, they provided personal mini size ketchup, tabasco, different flavors of jams. All in mini glass jars. Soo cute. If it wasn't an office function, I'd line them all up and take picture of them all day long.

Westin St Francis
335 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94102