Sunday, January 4, 2015

Amarin Thai Cuisine - San Jose

Pad see ew - stir fried rice noodle with chicken
We were in the area of Westgate mall when we were looking for a place to eat. I happened to look around the area and noticed their sign. Hey the importance of signage.

We drove across the street and walked in the restaurant. I immediately noticed they have a raised platform on the left hand side that allow patrons the option to have the feel of sitting on a lower table seating experience with a hole below. It's sort of tatami seating in Japanese restaurant but with no cramp legs while eating your food. It's pretty neat idea though nobody were seating there that day.

Pad kee mow - stir fried rice noodle with basil, chili and tomatoes

We got a table by the window which were covered with white plantation shutter except for the bottom part. Maybe during summer months the shutter helps with the harsh sunlight. Anyhow we looked at the menu and decided on pad kee mow (spicy basil stir fried noodle) and pad see ew (stir fried rice noodle).

The restaurant were not too busy then maybe around three tables occupied. Most of them were half way eating their meals. There were another party of two that came after us. We got our orders in like 15 minutes. Not too bad actually. They smelled garlicky. Yum..

My pad kee mow was just spicy enough for me without needing to add more chili to it. Even though we were brought a selection of chili powder, pickled serrano chili and other condiments to go with our fried noodle. Hubby needed to add his favorite pickled chili since his pad see ew didn't come spicy. Both orders were wonderful. This restaurant actually used the fresh wide noodle instead of the dried smaller noodle. That alone made the texture a lot more different.

Amarin Thai Cuisine
5205 Prospect Rd Ste 110
San Jose, CA 95129
408 2538424