Sunday, January 11, 2015

Le Paradis - Hayward

In the area and decided to give this place a try. There's a parking lot in the rear if you're coming from Winton exit of 880N. The walkway leading to the entrance had lots of plants that gave a cozy, tranquil feel to it. But as soon as you arrived at the entrance you saw a couch that looked like your in-laws' overused couch. Weird.

This establishment is a restaurant and also a bakery. Not sure if they actually baked all those meringues, macaroons, cookies, etc. Or they just provided a space to sell them. The business could have looked better if they put more effort into a bit reorganizing. Not sure how the business is doing normally but we were there on Saturday afternoon and there were only like 4-5 tables occupied with around 10 customers all together.

Anyway, we ordered house special noodle soup, garlic pasta with salmon and lemon grass vermicelli with egg roll as appetizer. I noticed that it took a while for the orders to come out. Maybe because they wanted to make sure to serve the egg roll first. And the egg roll did take a while because there were hot when they came out. At another restaurant they'd let us know ahead of time that the egg roll would take around 20 mins to prepare.

If I had to rate our order. The garlic pasta got the highest rating, with the lemon grass being the second and the noodle soup being the last. The garlic pasta had a very garlicky flavor and the salmon looked tanned and pretty. The lemon grass vermicelli supposed to be spicy but it was far from spicy and the prawns were a bit on the salty side. Hubby thought it would taste better with thin yellow noodle instead of vermicelli. The house special noodle soup had wonton, crab claw, prawn, chicken and thinly sliced bbq pork. The broth wasn't special and tasted strong of msg.

I almost forgot to mention the egg roll. The egg roll were hot when they came out. Eight smaller egg roll on a bed of lettuce, mint leaves and pickled carrot/daikon. The egg roll dipping sauce actually came separately in a refrigerated bottle instead of a bowl like other places.

Our fried ended up buying a few of the meringues, lemon tart and peach tart. They looked nice but I only got to try the meringue. The meringue was airy and melted in the mouth but so very sweet.

Le Paradis
22809 Mission Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 886-2130