Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shanghai Family Cuisine - Milpitas

beautiful braised pork (hong shau rou)
A friend took us to this small family restaurant on a strip mall in Milpitas. The wait time on that Saturday night was about 45 minutes. This place only had about 8 tables which can fit maybe about 30 people. A bigger party like us made it harder to sit. When we finally got our table, we all squeezed on a table for four. Only after another table left then that table was pulled to relieve us.

For the most part we let our friends order since they have been there before. I only suggested the garlic green bean for the veggie dish. Apparently the place was popular for their siao long bao (little dragon dumpling) which is one of the popular Shanghainese dish. The kids love their stir fry noodle which was made with a really thick almost squarish noodle. One of a dish from their special was stir fry Buddha's palm squash (aka chayote) with julienned lotus root. Which would have been lovely because I like chayote but this dish came out last and it was so greasy that I felt so tired of it after two bites of it.

The braised pork looked yummy in the pictures provided by the Yelpers that inspired us to order it but it's not as tender as we imagined it would be. The garlic green beans was nice and crunchy but also very greasy. The pork chop veggie rice supposed to have pork katsu on it but they ran out of it which they did notified us when we ordered it. But our friends said it's okay without the pork chop so essentially it was just veggie rice. Having ordered that as our rice it would be nice to have it out first but unfortunately it came out after a few dishes so we actually ordered 2 bowl of white rice to go with other dishes while waiting for the veggie rice to come out.

I guess the reason why the restaurant was so busy despite the teeny tine place was the prices were reasonable. Our dinner meal for 6 that night cost about $58 before tax which included 7 dishes. But most of the dishes were so oily and greasy that both me and hubby felt that we needed to go on vegetarian diet the next few meals after.

Shanghai Family Cuisine
1470 N Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
408 946-8282